Ann Donnelly

Web Designers in Ireland Ann DonnellyFor more than 10 years I have been helping business owners improve their results using the internet.

As a Partner at O’Mahony Donnelly Chartered Certified Accountants & Business Advisors I am responsible for the firm’s own marketing and business development, as well as providing internet marketing consultancy for the firm’s clients.

In 2000 my husband; Michael O’Mahony, a qualified Chartered Certified Accountant and I established the firm of O’Mahony Donnelly. To promote the business I developed my first website, coding in HTML/CSS by hand,  At the time I didn’t realise that it would lead to a career in online marketing — and I still loves to code by hand, but maybe with a few basic tools now!

About a year after the O’Mahony Donnelly site went live, the firm started getting a large number of enquiries from around the World. When we studied the website’s statistics we realised that many of these visitors were coming through informative articles on the site, especially ‘Moving to Ireland from the UK’. This is around the time that the term ‘Search Engine Optimization’ started to be used and we realised that my techniques were working!

West Cork Week Website

Putting West Cork on the Web

I developed the site, a guide to events and activities in the area and started promoting my services as a Web Designer. The West Cork site became known in the area, as did my ability to design sites that brought visitors through search engines that would turn into sales for my customers. At the time the market for good web designers was expanding, as businesses were learning the value of having a website. Unfortunately many people were let down by previous web designers who were either students or others only doing the work on a part-time basis, so when the time came for updates to the site, the web designer was no where to be found. I was able to help a number of these people out, assuring them that I would always provide a high level of customer service and professionalism.

I now have many happy clients that I have been working with for a decade, which has to be a sign of something good. The work I do has developed from just providing a site that gets hits from search engines to the development of full online marketing plans that include all relevant online marketing activities and a strategy to use them effectively.

My main focus is on developing business for our firm itself, but I also provide consultancy for the firms clients as part of an overall business strategy and I work with a range of graphic designers and developers to put projects into action. From time to time I offer workshops and appear at conferences speaking on my new passion: social media marketing for business.

Ann Donnelly B.L.A. – Background

Ann, originally from a small town in New York State, moved to New York City to attend The New School University. She received her B.A. degree while working full-time at the University, as the Manager of Fundraising Records and Systems. Here she was responsible for implementing a new mainframe computer system used to track the tens of thousands of people who graduated from the many schools of the University, as well as those that took just one course in the very popular adult education division.

In 1987, she moved to RR Donnelley & Sons Company, where she spent the next 11 years of her career. RR Donnelley is one of the world’s foremost commercial printing companies, with around $5 billion in net sales, over 200 manufacturing facilities, and approximately 34,000 employees around the world. They are renowned for the training and development of their employees — “Working for such a large and well respected company, I received a lot of experience dealing on a day-to-day basis with colleagues and vendors around the U.S. and worldwide. I also took advantage of the many formal training programs that the Company offers its employees — these included business communications, human resources and sales/marketing.”

From her initial position, as assistant to the Controller of the New York Financial Division, she was chosen to develop a new position as Paper Coordinator to purchase and manage the division’s million dollar paper and ink inventories. To gain further technical experience, she then moved into Production Planning, responsible for scheduling work flow to meet the critical deadlines that financial documents require. Following this role, she moved to Sales in the company’s Trade Book Division, working withRandom House, the world’s largest English-language general trade book publisher. Ann was then recruited back to the Financial Division, to work in the London office, where she became Manager of Customer Service, responsible for the 24-hour a day operation which coordinates the production and distribution around the world of the financial documents legally required for submission to trading authorities, shareholders and prospective investors. “Our clients were mainly investment bankers and corporate lawyers, who were working to tight deadlines to complete key financial deals.”

Ann left RR Donnelley in 1998, to relocated to Ireland and began her life on the internet.