Have Yourself a #coderdojoxmas!

Coder Dojo ChristmasCoder Dojo Christmas Party
Cork Coder Dojo
NSC Campus, Mahon, Cork
17th December, from 11:30am

Asking all attending to bring something to share, but….
Pizza sponsorsed by Dominos Douglas Village!
(if you are interested in sponsoring something, leave a comment below)

Hopefully you’ve read my post about Coder Dojo and what a great initiative it is for kids and the others involved – mentors, parents, supporters.  Well, attendence and support is growing and growing and to celebrate we are having a Christmas party and inviting all interested.

So if you have been thinking about coming in with your kids, or dropping by to help as a mentor, this is s great chance to stop in and meet the gang.  I know it’s a busy time, but we’re right next to Mahon Point Shopping Centre.

Dojos have opened all over the country and spreading abroad, but it all started in Cork and we’re getting great support from the local tech community – from Hackerspace to Cork Open Coffee and other contacts that James and Bill and others involved have got in.  The kids have done a lot of great things – not just Harry Moran making headlines as Apple’s youngest app developer, but the start of many more games and websites — and budding tech giants.

sponsored by dominos

We are asking everyone to bring something to share, but are really pleased that Dominos in Douglas Village  is sponsoring pizza — many thanks to Cathal McDonnell for that!  If anyone else is interested in sponsoring any goodies, please leave a post below.

Unfortunately our regular mentor Will Knott cannot attend because he’s doing a carol-athon in Dublin this weekend.  We’ll miss you Will!

I believe that children are our future, treat them well and, well you know how the song goes.

Hope to see you on Saturday! Hey, anybody got a karaoke app?!

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  1. Will Knott says:

    I’ll miss you lot too. I hope to be able to join in virtually.

  2. This is a great initiative and my young fella could really benefit.Unfortunately we live in a rural area and there is no activity like this in our area.