Social Media Marketing Just Got a Whole Lot Easier — and more Effective — with Nimble 2.5!

Social Media Love and Hate

I have to admit I've had a love/hate relationship with Social Media, especially when using it for selling my business. ¬†Over the past few years I've spent a good part of my time building 'connections' … [Read more...]

Super Charge your Recruitment Process using Nimble Social CRM

nimble social crm for recruitment

People may be tired of hearing me say how great Nimble CRM is for identifying real prospects from the crowd of connections on your various social networks, but this week I've realised how great a tool … [Read more...]

CRM for the Social Generation, Nimble 2.0 is Released

Nimble Social CRM Privacy Settings

Nimble 2.0 has arrived and I am loving it! Over the past year the Nimble team have been listening to the feedback of early adopters like myself and have integrated many of the features that we were … [Read more...]

Facebook Pages and Google+ Integration for Nimble CRM

Nimble Integrates Google+ into CRM

Great news today! Nimble CRM now includes integration of Facebook Pages and Google+ so you can monitor your contacts' interactions in all of the key social channels. You can add your Facebook Page … [Read more...]

Nimble Social CRM – A New Partnership for Real Results with Social Media Marketing

social listening-gallery

I am very excited to announce our new partnership with Nimble, the next generation of CRM (Customer Relationship Management) applications. Nimble brings together not only the contact details of your … [Read more...]