Email Marketing: HTML vs Plain Text Newsletters, the Face Off!

email marketing html vs plain text

Large companies (from all your favorite clothing shops to airlines and hotels) send email newsletters with graphics, images and formatting all the time and they make it into your Inbox. So why do … [Read more...]

Email Marketing Mistakes – 4 Things That Will Annoy Users & Kill Your Mailing List

Email Marketing Mistakes

Realistically, the majority of your mailing list is ambivalent¬†about you and your product. They ignore your emails, maybe even thinking they will get back to read it later, but they don't. That's not … [Read more...]

Email Marketing for After Sales Follow-Up — and other important points of interaction

Supervalu Getaway Breaks

Usually I am tweeting about bad email marketing examples I see in my Inbox, but today I am delighted to share a good example! I coach my clients to plan interactions with their prospects and … [Read more...]