Email Marketing: HTML vs Plain Text Newsletters, the Face Off!

email marketing html vs plain text

Large companies (from all your favorite clothing shops to airlines and hotels) send email newsletters with graphics, images and formatting all the time and they make it into your Inbox. So why do … [Read more...]

Digital appetites: what are consumers doing online?

digital habits ireland

This week I'm pleased to include a guest post from Kat Prescott... Plenty of news circulates over the amount of internet services available in Ireland and around the world, with 65% of the … [Read more...]

RSS Feeds: The Most Powerful Online Marketing Tool You May Not Know About

rss feed

Are you looking for ways to get content ideas for your website, email newsletters and social media posts? Are you sure that your own content is reaching as many people as possible? RSS Feeds … [Read more...]

Online Advertising: Three Mistakes You Can’t Afford to Make

facebook advertising options

Are you paying out for online advertising and not getting significant results for your business?  Make sure you aren't making these 3 common mistakes! More and more businesses are turning to paid … [Read more...]

How to Increase Website Sales

how to increase website sales

Looking for better results from your online marketing techniques? You need to focus on how to increase website sales! You can be on Twitter and Facebook 24/7, writing blog posts on a daily basis … [Read more...]

Online Marketing: Where Patience is Your Greatest Virtue

Online Marketing Patience

In an earlier post, Timing is Everything in Online Marketing, I discuss how effective scheduling and planning can make or break your online marketing success. Business owners, even those that are … [Read more...]