WordPress Security Issues: Plugins & Actions to Protect Your Website from Hacks & Attacks

WordPress Security Issues

Is your WordPress website safe from hacks and attacks? "Brute Force" attacks on WordPress websites have made recent headlines. Make sure your website is secure. The most recent release of WordPress … [Read more...]

How to Increase Website Sales

how to increase website sales

Looking for better results from your online marketing techniques? You need to focus on how to increase website sales! You can be on Twitter and Facebook 24/7, writing blog posts on a daily basis … [Read more...]

Move a Website and Keep Your Search Rankings & Traffic

move a website broken links

When you move a website in a way that will change the URLs of the pages, it is important to ensure that search engines and other traffic to your site can follow the old URLs to the new URLs or: … [Read more...]

Email Marketing Mistakes – 4 Things That Will Annoy Users & Kill Your Mailing List

Email Marketing Mistakes

Realistically, the majority of your mailing list is ambivalent¬†about you and your product. They ignore your emails, maybe even thinking they will get back to read it later, but they don't. That's not … [Read more...]